In Loving Memory Of
Bob Richard
Born May 10, 1915 in Lansing, Michigan.  Passed away May 20, 2001 in Eugene, Oregon.  Survived by his wife Audrey, son Doug of Eugene; daughter Robbie Wigley of Northfield, Minnesota; and six grandchildren.  A son, Robert Jr., died in infancy. 

In all you hear and feel and see
Remember, there's a part of me
for all around love never dies
It just moves on to soar the skies

So all the thoughts of you and me
Keep cherished in your memory
And know in time, again we'll be
Together - for eternity

From: Love Soars The Skies"

Dad's display contained momentos from his many years in the film industry.  Among them was a character portrait signed by his friends at the studio upon his retirement.  His endearing habit of whistling made it possible for them to keep it a secret.

The portraits of Dad and Mom were taken when they were first married, as well as a black and white at the alter taken in 1998.  Title credits for "V", The Hulk, Adam 12, Bionic Woman, a childhood picture with his sister and a dance recital picture when he was 10, and his lifetime membership to America Cinema Editors were also displayed.


Dad had a passion for chickens and had a small collection of the ones that don't make a mess.  It was only fitting that they be a part of the memorial display.  The two hankies on the pedistals belonged to Louris, our Granny and Dad's mom. The rose tree was a gift to Mom from a neighbor when it was first learned that Dad had died.  He loved roses and had a spectacular garden as you can view below.        

These were the last pictures of Dad, taken in April, 2001. This is the group that he and Mom walked with at the mall every day, with few exceptions.

Memorials to:
Sacred Heart Medical Center Foundation
Oregon Heart Center
PO Box 10905
Eugene, OR 97440-9904

Dad was a warm and loving husband and father, full of stories, smiles and fun.  He joyfully danced through life, rhythm was part of his soul.  He will be remembered with the tenderest of thoughts by his family and his many friends.

Doug and Edie Richard, and Robbie and Griffin Wigley